Why Chardonnay and Adderall?

This is my personal project. If you’re a personal injury lawyer, paralegal, receptionist, or enthusiast I think you’ll take this refreshing look at personal injury law positively. My days are long and I like to get a little silly on wine and pills and then come here to ramble and let it all out. I do not have a problem. If you’re in PI law in any capacity and can’t understand why I’d self medicate and use this as an outlet, then you’re the one with the problem!

My goals for this site are as follows;

  1. I want to find my voice. I enjoy writing but often times writing for yourself and captivating an audience are two completely different arenas.
  2. I want other people to understand what it’s like for a PI lawyer. The torment, the hysteria, the pandemonium.
  3. This is cheaper than therapy.

So buckle up and let’s go!